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“The changes I have made as a result of taking Sheri & Angie’s Conscious Eating classes has given me more peace and a sense that I am giving my body what it deserves. I have noticed a big difference in my skin and hair and have been complimented about how good my face and skin looks. I find myself much calmer although I lead a hectic life with business and financial deadlines on top of raising two boys at home with sports every week. My attitude has improved as well as feelings of inner peace. Cheers and be well!”

Adriana Gomez, Pleasant Hill, CA

“Thanks, Angie and Sheri! You guys did a great job — the talk was really helpful and informative. I have started being so much more conscious of the amount of sugar my family and I are consuming. Wow, it is crazy how easy it is to eat a lot of sugar! So I’m taking baby steps, albeit baby steps, to cut that down considerably. With thanks and best regards.”

Ursula Hawe, Walnut Creek, CA

“Angie Lambert & Sheri Miller’s ‘Sugar & It’s Many Disguises’ presentation is extremely impressive with the amount of useful information and knowledge these two women share in their clear, fun and professional manner. I thought I knew a lot about the subject, but came away with much more than I anticipated! The handout they give you is worth the attendance alone; full of incredibly useful facts and recipes. The healthy snacks they provide are delicious! I highly recommend going to hear these women speak at their next event, no matter what the topic!”

Julie Yip, Walnut Creek, www.julieyip.com

“The light within Angie shines brightly. Angie offered me a suggestion 4 years ago which pointed me to an entirely new path and completely opened my eyes. Quietly unassuming, radiating love and acceptance, she just seems to know. No matter what you end up choosing for yourself, she believes in you and your potential, and you can’t help but believe her belief in you! The high regard and respect I have for her is surpassed by no one!”

Jennifer Keating, St. Paul, MN

“I suffered from stomach and digestion problems and it was Angie that made me realize the connection between my diet and well-being. THANK YOU SO MUCH Angie for enlightening me on my health when even a doctor of gastroenterology couldn’t. I am so proud of Angie and her strong willed ability to never say die.”

Ed Rickles, Los Angeles, CA

“Angie Lambert is truly a warm and enthusiastic soul. Her gentle, upbeat and endlessly optimistic personality lifts every one’s spirit who she comes in contact with. I have learned so many valuable things from her. She has guided me back into a healthy mindset and lifestyle through her spiritual knowledge, nutritional tips, suggestions of books and encouraging and powerful words.”

Donna Asch, Napa Valley, CA

“Angie brings an excitement, joy, and wisdom to her life that has been informed by her curiosity and desire for creating a healthier present and future. Angie has been a constant champion for my wellbeing and offers a wealth of support, information, and resources for improving your health and growing your relationship to yourself and your environment. Through research, study, and self-examination, Angie has become an expert on her own health and healing. I have no doubt that her intuitive and insightful style will serve to empower countless others on their paths to wellness and self-discovery.”

Noreen M. Auterio, M.A. Boston, MA

“Angie’s passion for healing is infectious and anyone who knows Angie can attest to her gentle manner, empathetic ear, and intrinsic belief in the mind/body connection. All of which, in my case, proved more powerful than yet another visit to my HMO. After listening to my story, Angie suggested a few meditation techniques, recommended a holistic approach and was just as thrilled as I was to learn that my body healed itself without the use of prescriptions 9 months later. That was 9 years ago and I am still prescription free. I will always be grateful for the countless and futile trips to the doctor’s office that Angie helped me avoid but never as much as I will for allowing me to entrust her with my struggle and her constant support that continues even today.”

Jacqueline Edgewater, Chicago, IL

“Angie has inspired me spiritually by exposing me to a belief that God is eternally good and it is up to us to connect with Spirit who is always waiting for us to come to enlightenment. She has also shared and taught me about taking time for myself, eating right for my body’s needs, finding the right exercise, healing modality and spiritual belief system that creates the most balance for me at any point in my journey. She is not judgmental, forceful, critical or condemning; rather, she is exuberant, enthusiastic, hopeful and ever seeking. She uses kind words and offers gentle encouragement to teach and share her personal experience. Angie has a sincere desire to share with others what she has learned in order that we might all leave this world in a better place. I am ever grateful to have her in my life.”

Laurie Duncan, Newport Beach, CA

“Angie’s ability to inspire, accept and understand people has continuously amazed me. She truly is a source of passion, knowledge and love, when it comes to healing and the human spirit.”

Amy Cole, San Ramon, CA

“Angie has dedicated her life to helping people with their health, both spiritually and physically. She is passionate about a holistic approach to health. She has been a great inspiration to me. I have never met anyone more committed to healing and helping other people heal than Angie.”

Brenda Braget, St. Paul, MN

“Angie Lambert has been a great encouragement in my life. She is kind, loving and intelligent. She loves to share her knowledge. I attended her “Foods That Heal” nutrition talk. I was awakened by the class in so many ways. She teaches healthy ways of looking at food which has changed by life. I now shop at healthier stores and am now aware of what I am eating. I also attended her Tai Chi class, which enhanced my life tremendously. Angie is a born teacher. It comes naturally for her to lead in a gentle way. It’s so joyful to be in her presence as she teaches with great enthusiasm. She has also educated me about using therapeutic essential oils. I now use Valor, Purification and White Angelica to enhance my practice with clients as a massage therapist. This is not only a whole new way of life, but a whole new state of mind. It has been Angie’s passion, and sharing what she has experienced and knows, that has me much happier and aware.”

Marvida Rodriguez, Martinez, CA

Angie Lambert is sorta like an angel on earth. She emanates love and light. She is a joy to work with and never makes you feel “bad”. Although I was eating reasonably well when I first consulted with her, I wanted to clear out some residual unhealthy eating habits (like not eating enough during the day to maintain stamina) and occasional “fast food” splurges, and also reduce my stress levels. Additionally, I wanted to kick my overall health, stamina and well-being up to the next level. I absolutely loved working with Angie – I donʼt quite know how she did it, as I do not like following specific instructions about food, but within a very short time, my refrigerator was filled with only good things which I now love to eat, and I have no interest in returning to my old eating habits. I also very quickly lost some extra weight around my middle… And my skin looks so clear and refreshed. And strangely, I am eating more enjoyable food than I did before. I now look and feel about 10 years younger and feel so much renewed energy, joy and enthusiasm about my health and body. Thank you, Angie!

Gayna B., Walnut Creek, CA

“I contacted Angie out of frustration in dealing with a gastroenterologist who was unable to help me with an inflammatory bowel condition that left me chronically constipated for two years. In just one session, Angie suggested a prebiotic supplement which alleviated my symptoms and normalized my condition. Since then I have attended her nutrition talks and I am ever grateful to Angie, who I now call my ‘health angel’.”

Lane Collins, Walnut Creek, CA

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being my greatest inspiration. After attending your classes, I renewed my commitment to healthy eating and living, and got amazing results. I cleansed my body by drinking my favorite juice (kale, parsley, celery, broccoli and cucumber) and eating salads. I started feeling fantastic again and I celebrated yesterday by running 10 miles. I’ve also lost 5 pounds since I started your classes. I feel healthy and powerful again. Miracles in life come in many ways and we need to determine the gift to inspire people. Please don’t stop making a difference in peoples’ lives!

Gloria Aliloupour, Dublin, CA

“Tai Chi is my precious one hour a week devoted to the well being of my soul and the relaxation of my body – all in one. It’s my gift to myself. It’s not about sweating and burning calories (which I also incorporate on other days of the week). It’s about feeling inner peace and relaxation – ridding stress and anxiety, and feeling the quiet peace around us. Angie’s soothing voice and beautiful words during her relaxation/meditation of the class have almost put me into deep sleep at time. Her gentleness, patience, love of tai chi, and her desire to share everything she knows with her class, makes Angie a wonderful teacher (and friend).”

Debe Knoll, Concord, CA

Please note: Health concepts and advice offered by Inspiring Wellness are not intended as substitutes for medical advice or diagnosis. Please consult your health-care provider if you are experienceing acute or specific health concerns.