At Inspiring Wellness we combine diverse holistic healing practices and services to include: Nutrition Consulting,  Support for Chronic Health conditions, Conscious Eating guidance, Menu Planning, Grocery Shopping Trips, Energy Healing through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and HeartMath and Intuitive Life Coaching.  Our purpose is to offer our clients a broad base of tools and possibilities to support their own healing process.


When it comes to eating, most of us experience a gap between our ideal aspirations and our actual practices. The demands of life and poor eating habits can take us further away from our true nature. Conscious eating is an essential component to conscious living and helps us move toward greater fulfillment on our life path. Inspiring Wellness enriches people’s lives by providing high quality education through rigorous research, one on one consultation and group classes that promote integrative health and healing with an emphasis on lifestyle and nutrition. Inspiring Wellness stands behind the belief that the body can heal itself, and chronic conditions can be reversed when the body gets what it truly needs. View “Classes” for topics and scroll down to “Conscious Eating” topics.

We help you discover and address the root cause of your current health issue or concern.

Our practice is based on a customized approach which is founded on the idea that everyone is unique and needs individual diet and lifestyle advice. For example, one person may do well with dairy, yet it may increase bowel inflammation in another. Another person may do well with wheat/gluten, yet for another these can cause joint pain.  Your day-to-day living habits affect your needs for food and nutrients. Your body is constantly working to adapt, and often times it needs extra help and support.

Eliminating the notion of calorie counting or weighing in, Angie and Sheri teach that by truly nourishing the body, we nourish the spark of life that ignites the healing mechanisms within the body. They teach from personal experience the distinction between life-giving foods that heal and foods that can be the cause of pain and inflammation in the body, leading to a multitude of chronic health conditions.

“Without proper diet medicine is of no use and with proper diet medicine is of no need.” – Deepak Chopra


Angie and Sheri inspire with insights, philosophy and experience to offer creative menu ideas based on your likes and dislikes. You will learn how to create delicious snacks and healthy meals, some that require no cooking at all.  They offer food demonstrations both 1 on 1 and in a group class setting and create customized menus for both families and individuals. We respect and honor your preferences, and we will tailor a plan that will fit your individual needs.


Take a trip to the grocery store with Sheri!  She will teach you how to make healthier choices and offer an education about what to look for on food labels, creative ways to eat a low sugar diet and help you choose quality proteins and healthier carbs.


Our practice is based on a “holistic” approach, as the same symptom can have various causes. A skin condition, for example, may be due to inadequate nutrition, an allergic response, a food sensitivity, poor digestion, heavy metal toxicity, an overworked liver or a combination of these. While working on alleviating symptoms, we will gain an understanding regarding the underlying causes of different imbalances in your body, and support the body´s vital energy to heal itself and reach optimum health for body, mind and spirit.

We work together as health partners to discover ways to tap into your own “inner physician”.  There are two ways we work with clients:

-In person – San Francisco Bay Area CA
-Local or long distance – We offer local or long-distance phone consultations. During these consultations, we will devise a holistic treatment plan for you: lifestyle modifications, dietary suggestions and intuitive counseling


Your first appointment is typically a comprehensive 90-minute consultation. You will first receive a health history questionnaire and agreement via email. During the first session we will explore
background issues and current lifestyle that play an important role in one’s health:
• Family history – addresses a person’s genetic predisposition to
• Personal history – exploring a person’s health history
• Lifestyle – current diet, exercise, habits and hobbies
• Mind: Is it balanced and peaceful, or stressed and overworked? Long-term stress can tax the mind and lead to varied physical and emotional problems.
• Body: We gather information regarding: inflammation, digestion and current symptoms.
• Spirit: Science has shown us that when a person feels spiritually “connected” and has a spiritual practice of almost any kind he or she is better equipped to handle stressful events in his life. Spiritual practices can include energy work, prayer, meditation, tai chi, yoga, breathing exercises or any other relaxation techniques.

We do not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. We will not substitute nutritional therapy for your existing pharmaceutical therapies. The decision to do so is your own. Our contribution to your health is complementary to your work with your primary health care provider.


We appreciate as much advance notice for cancellations or rescheduling as possible.

If you cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours in advance you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% the session cost.