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My Lyme Story

Would you think that something the size of a poppy seed could change your life forever? Well, it happened to me! Twenty-five years ago, while gardening in my yard in Lafayette, Ca., I got a rash, and within a few days ran a fever and had flu like symptoms. I...
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Good Fats Bad Fats

As you journey along the Yellow Brick Road seeking good health, remember to include healthy fats! I recently enjoyed this salmon dinner at a friend’s home and boy was it yummy! One of the most tasty ways to consume good fats is to eat salmon. In our upcoming book “Healthy...
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The Scoop on Sugar

As you continue your journey along the Yellow Brick Road seeking  healthy choices you probably come across  a lot of sugar! Do you have a relationship with sugar? Sugar is easy to fall in love with.  Like so many  people, I definitely had a love affair with sugar! My relationship...
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