The Journey of Publishing our Book

My co-author and I have written a book. We’ve had it edited. We’ve put our heart and soul into it. We even got a Doctor to write the Foreword! We know deep down that many people will benefit from reading this “work of art”!

Now we’re being told that the “easy” part was writing the book. Marketing it and selling it is a whole other process!

Where to begin?

We begin with hiring an agent with the hope of finding a publisher. Write a book proposal, show you have a following and lots of contacts.

Start a Facebook Business page and get people to like it. Publishers need to see that you’re connected to a lot of people.

Post on social media.

Jump through hoops, prove you’re unique. For two years we follow these instructions and patiently wait as our agent attempts to find a publisher. Nothing happens. We feel time is running out. We’re anxious to share our message with the world! We feel we are unique in what we have to share.

Then we learn that since many people have written about health and the publishing industry has changed a lot in the last few years, to get published you need to be known, be a doctor or a famous celebrity.

As a result, many authors are now self publishing.
We agonize over the options and finally make the decision to self publish. We part ways with our book agent….

We do lots of research and decide to go with Create Space and put the book up on Amazon.

A whole new world to learn about!
Everything is done online, and navigating through Create Space is a whole new experience. So many decisions to make!

First, we need to hire a book cover designer, then a book formatter, work on our website to accommodate our book, decide on what type of paper we want, what type of print, what size book, glossy or matte cover, how to list on Amazon, etc, etc etc! Each day the to do list grows longer.

The next issue is how to get people to know about our book and that it will be on Amazon, ie, how to market this book!

After feeling overwhelmed with all the to do’s, the decision is made to hire a marketing person.
Now the to do list expands even more!

Keep your blog going, be active on all the media sites,
get all of your contact list together, write about your journey with Lyme Disease, the experience of writing this book, the experience of publishing, write, write, write, post, post, post!

Is it any wonder my brain feels like scrambled eggs?
I tell myself, meditate, take time to unwind, it will all work out.

I’m so excited to see the outcome. I look forward to the next phase: contacting book stores, libraries, organizations, giving talks and book signings. Never a dull moment, but it’s all a labor of love, an opportunity to share our message with the world.

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