My Journey of Writing this Book

An unlikely occurrence (or perhaps it should be called a fortuitous occurrence) was the catalyst for writing this book. The story begins twenty-five years ago while gardening in my yard in Lafayette, Ca. I got a rash, and within a few days ran a fever and had flu like symptoms. I found a black bump on my leg, the size of a poppy seed, and it turned out to be a tick!

It took seven years of debilitating health challenges, but I was eventually diagnosed with Lyme Disease.
I left no stone unturned on my quest to get well.
Changing my diet had the most dramatic influence on my symptoms. I shared this with a new friend, Angie, who I met 12 years ago in a class on the Chakra System.

We decided to teach a class together on “Foods that Heal”, and that was the start of what was to be an amazing partnership on our Journeys to wellness. Angie was told in her 20’s that she’d end up in a wheel chair due to her severe arthritis, but through changing her diet and making new lifestyle choices, she has remained pain free.

Together we developed an 8 week curriculum on Conscious Eating and Healing and taught courses at various venues, including Unity of Walnut Creek. Because we were so passionate about sharing our information with others, we decided to turn our course into a book. Over a four year period we met weekly and combined our personal experiences together with research on the diseases that plague America today: Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Brain disorders, Gut problems, etc. Knowing how much people love reading stories about other’s experiences, we recruited 40 people to share their stories of their healing journeys.

It has been a challenge to complete this book, and a labor of love. It will be a privilege to  share its contents with others who want to stay healthy or have a healing challenge of their own.
Our intention is to provide hope and alternatives not widely promoted in our Western culture. By paying attention to the wisdom our bodies and the power of our choices, we can experience Radiant Health.

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