My Lyme Story

Would you think that something the size of a poppy seed could change your life forever?

Well, it happened to me!

Twenty-five years ago, while gardening in my yard in Lafayette, Ca., I got a rash, and within a few days ran a fever and had flu like symptoms. I found a black bump on my leg, the size of a poppy seed, and it turned out to be a tick!

Not much was known about Lyme Disease at that time, but as a precaution, I was treated with a 3 week course of antibiotics. I felt somewhat better but symptoms worsened in the next few months. Fatigue, blurry vision, stiff neck, body pain, and brain fog took over my body.

But there was no diagnosis….
I started a chronic fatigue support group and when one of the women in our group went to a Lyme Literate Dr. in San Francisco and got diagnosed,

I went and finally got a diagnosis. Lyme Disease!

I took antibiotics for 2 years, but my body couldn’t handle them anymore. I eventually went on Disability and had to stop working as a Speech Therapist.

My health issues took me on a journey of self discovery as I sifted through many different healing modalities on my path to wellness.
With the help of a Naturopathic Doctor who did hands on healing and guided me regarding nutrition and supplements, I started feeling better. I began to meditate and do gentle yoga.

I ventured to Brazil to see John of God for a healing. My time in Brazil further expanded my belief system about spirituality and alternative ways of healing.

I left no stone unturned on my journey to wellness.
My tenacity and determination has paid off. Today I am working as a Holistic Health Coach to share all that I have learned to help others on their path to wellness.

What an experience it has been to be humbled by an insect the size of a pinhead. But it has given me the opportunity to learn that I have inner strength, courage and determination that I might never have had the chance to experience without this health challenge.
This revelation I have come to call the Gift of the Wound.

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