Good Fats Bad Fats

As you journey along the Yellow Brick Road seeking good health, remember to include healthy fats!

I recently enjoyed this salmon dinner at a friend’s home and boy was it yummy!

One of the most tasty ways to consume good fats is to eat salmon.

In our upcoming book “Healthy and Radiant Within-A Prescription for Health Filled with Inspiring Stories”, Angie Lambert and Sheri Miller give you the skinny on fat!

You’re not alone if you fear eating fat. “Eat a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet” is a recommendation we’ve heard so often we can recite it in our sleep. Unfortunately, this message is out of date. A healthy diet is not a “fat–free” diet. Rather, our diet should consist of beneficial, good fats.

The main idea is to learn how to substitute “bad” fats with “good” fats. The idea of eating fat to get healthier or to lose weight may be counter intuitive to everything you’ve heard about the dangers of fat. What really matters is the type of fat.

The Right Kind of Fat

Research shows that the right kind of fat stimulates the body’s

metabolic ability to burn fat.

In our book we address the fact that the right kind of fat will help you lose weight without being overly preoccupied with dieting and that essential fats are absolutely necessary for weight loss, longevity, and good health.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) help build cells, regulate the nervous system, strengthen the cardiovascular system, build immunity, and help the body absorb nutrients. EFAs are vital for healthy brain function and vision. After all, your brain is 60% fat!

Every cell in your body is protected by a membrane that is composed largely of fat. With the right fats, you’ll feel more full and satisfied, have more energy, and lose the weight if that’s what you want.

The Vital Role of Good Fats

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Weight loss
  • Cell communication
  • Brain function
  • Maintaining normal cholesterol levels
  • Immune system function
  • Building our energy reserves


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    Cannot wait to read all of this book. I believe its something I
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