Surviving Cancer With Help From Friends

Drivers for Survivors

Surviving Cancer with Help from Friends

When my good friend Pat was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 11 years ago, it was devastating news.I wanted to help her in any way I could. One of her biggest challenges was getting rides to her medical appointments. So I got an email list of her friends and set up a schedule for them to take turns driving her to appointments, staying to visit and sometimes fixing something for her to eat.  Pat has expressed that this truly made a difference in her ability to cope with her situation and recover from cancer.

How else can you help a friend diagnosed with cancer?

Here are some tips:

Be a good listener

Don’t tell her/him how to feel

Take notes and be an advocate

Help her understand what she needs

Keep a light hearted approach

Make a funny cake

Pamper with special gifts

Leave messages on her voice mail

Give phone numbers of other cancer survivors for her to connect with.

Bring food or groceries

Throw a hair cutting party

Ask people to send her cards.

Join her in helping other cancer patients

Provide rides to her therapy and Dr. appointments.

This last tip, helping other cancer patients with rides, is exactly what my friend Pat

set out to do.  Having experienced how much this had helped her, she became active

in an organization called Drivers For Survivors (DFS).

Pat is now an 11 year cancer survivor and helps other cancer patients on a personal level

by sharing her experience.  She has become an inspirational community volunteer and a

board member for DFS.

Drivers For Survivors is a 501 nonprofit public charitable organization that provides

free transportation service and supportive companionship for cancer patients.

This service is provided to all medical-related doctor appointments for those undergoing cancer diagnosis and

treatment within a 60 mile radius from DFS Fremont headquarters, freeing them to focus on their health and essential treatment.

Since we all know people with cancer these days, lets do what we can to help make their journey a little bit easier.


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