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Inspiring Wellness was founded by Holistic Health Educators Angie Lambert and Sheri Miller as a result of their long-standing vision of creating a health-based business focused on helping others heal through conscious eating, holistic approaches and spiritual practices.  These women overcame huge obstacles (debilitating health conditions) on their journey to wellness. They view their role as that of Educator, teaching lifestyle modification as a way of preventing or reversing chronic disease. Through their book Healthy and Radiant Within: A Prescription for Health Filled with Inspiring Stories, they teach from the heart what they know and have experienced first-hand about the healing power of food and the healing power of the spirit.  These authors present a new model for mindful living and health, moving beyond the Western medicine model where all too often people find themselves caught up taking multiple prescription drugs.  Their book is filled with 45 inspiring stories of people who have reversed chronic disease (including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, allergies and food sensitivities) by taking their health into their own hands. Learn More…

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What inspired their book?
Both Sheri and Angie have reversed serious, chronic health conditions through conscious eating, holistic approaches and spiritual practices. They learned from experience what heals the body, mind and spirit. Their life experiences ignited a passion to share all that they have learned in order to help others. Learn More…
As Certified Holistic Health Coaches, Angie and Sheri inspire others to make necessary lifestyle changes that produce results “Services“.  View “Testimonials” page to read some of the experiences others have had working with Angie and Sheri. Learn More…



Healthy and Radiant Within: A Prescription for Health Filled with Inspiring Stories

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Healthy and Radiant Within: A Prescription for Health Filled with Inspiring Stories is about triumph over illness and mastery over oneself in the process. It’s a complete guidebook for preventing and reversing chronic disease. Having overcome chronic illness, we felt compelled to share our story to inspire others on their journey. Through 45 inspiring, true personal stories, Angie and Sheri help you elevate your level of awareness on the topics of eating, thinking and living. They teach all that they have learned and know about the healing power of food, thought and the human spirit.
Health is the interaction of all facets of our lives. Genetics may load the gun but lifestyle often pulls the trigger. When we are willing to look closer at the nature of our choices, we can begin to take responsibility for our current state of health. While the majority of medical physicians are sincere and well-meaning, many do not understand the fundamental role of nutrition in health. Medical schools teach very little about the practical, preventative, and therapeutic uses of nutrition and supplements. We learned the hard way the power of conscious eating and lifestyle choices to manage and reverse disease.
It is our intent to provide you with hope and alternatives not widely promoted in our western culture. We believe all illness is about transformation and an opportunity for growth. There are stories our soul is trying to tell us and lessons we need to learn. The body is talking and when we get desperate enough, we begin to listen.

This book will change the way you eat, think and live…for the better. Angie and Sheri will take you on a journey back to wellness that can be maintained for a lifetime.
Look for Healthy and Radiant Within: A Prescription for Health Filled with Inspiring Stories available on Amazon!